Cindi Maus
Coldwell Banker Realty

Cindi Maus is a Certified Negotiation Expert®

CNE Designation: What Does This Mean For You?

Negotiation skills are fundamental to successful real estate transactions, and the Certified Negotiation Expert® (CNE) approach keeps Cindi at the top of the industry.

Expert Skills in Negotiations
  • Increased Competitive Advantage in the Market
  • Better Negotiation Skills means Outstanding Results to Cindi’s Clients
Competitive Bargaining
  • Increased Negotiation Power
  • Better results and a higher level of protection for her buyers and sellers
The Psychology Behind Negotiation
  • Great Negotiators bring a sense of psychological power to the table
  • Scientifically proven persuasion approaches that have proven increased success rates
  • Influence in real estate negotiation situations in all kinds of markets

With an understanding in the various communication modes for negotiating, Cindi understands the different generations, and how they think, communicate and act.